Vision Correction with Limbal Relaxing Incisions - Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania

One of the three most common refractive errors, astigmatism can occur alone or in combination with nearsightedness (myopia) and farsightedness (hyperopia), causing blurred vision.  Traditionally, astigmatism has been correctable only with glasses or contact lenses.  However, with advances in modern refractive techniques, our vision correction experts, serving Pittsburgh and all of Western Pennsylvania, can now quickly and accurately correct astigmatism with a simple corneal surgical procedure involving limbal relaxing incisions.  At InSight℠ LASIK & Refractive Group, they are just one of the tools our surgeons use to achieve improved vision for our patients.

What Are Limbal Relaxing Incisions?

The earliest attempt to surgically correct astigmatism took place in 1989.  Then known as astigmatic keratotomy (AK), this procedure has, with the advent of modern refractive surgical techniques, evolved into a technique involving limbal relaxing incisions (LRIs).  LRIs are made in the peripheral section of the cornea known as the limbus.  These incisions relax the acute steepness of the cornea that produces refractive error, creating the more rounded, spherical shape necessary for accurate vision.

LRIs and Cataract Surgery

In most cases, limbal relaxing incisions are performed to augment cataract surgery. The advanced intraocular lens technology used in cataract surgery can effectively correct both near and distance vision. However, when patients also have astigmatism, it is vital that cataract surgery address this refractive error, too, in order to ensure that the implanted lenses perform as well as possible.  Limbal relaxing incisions are used to reduce the effects of astigmatism, thereby providing cataract surgery patients with a fuller range of clear vision.

Benefits of Limbal Relaxing Incisions

One of the greatest benefits of limbal relaxing incisions is their ability to optimize the function of all intraocular lenses, especially advanced multifocal and accommodating lenses, to achieve a wider range of vision correction.  At our Pittsburgh area surgery center in Western Pennsylvania, limbal relaxing incisions are safe and can be performed in only a few seconds during cataract surgery.  Following the procedure, there is little or no discomfort, and stable vision is typically reached within a week. Compared to more expensive LASIK and PRK surgery, astigmatism correction with limbal relaxing incisions is an economical and effective alternative.

Learn More about Limbal Relaxing Incisions

Contact InSight℠ LASIK & Refractive Group and learn how limbal relaxing incisions can enhance your vision.  Our vision correction experts serving Pittsburgh and all of Western Pennsylvania have the tools and the expertise to provide safe and accurate treatment for astigmatism and many other vision problems.