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Benefits of the CustomVue&™ System

April 13, 2012 — by Dr. Zimmer
Tags: Custom Lasik Refractive Surgery Laser Vision Correction Laser Eye Surgery

Custom LASIK offers many advantages over traditional LASIK surgery. If you are looking to reduce your dependence on glasses and contact lenses, custom LASIK surgery is an ideal option for you and your needs.

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Higher vs. Lower Order Aberrations

March 12, 2012 — by Dr. Zimmer
Tags: Lower Order Aberrations Higher Order Aberrations Custom Lasik Wavefront

LASIK surgery has been able to address lower order aberrations with ease for years. Custom LASIK, however, can address higher order aberrations as well as lower order aberrations. We’d like to look at what these two terms mean and why custom LASIK offers great advantages to our patients.

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Advantages of Custom LASIK

August 29, 2011 — by Dr. Zimmer
Tags: Custom Lasik Laser Vision Correction Refractive Surgery

LASIK surgery is an effective way to address refractive errors, but custom LASIK offers a number of advantages over traditional refractive surgery techniques. Let’s look at the advantages of custom LASIK and why many people opt for this treatment rather than traditional LASIK.

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