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Foods that Are Good for the Eyes

December 29, 2011 — by Dr. Zimmer
Tags: Refractive Errors Cataracts Glaucoma Healthy Eyes

Even though you can undergo different vision correction treatments in order to improve your vision, there are some foods that are known to promote better eye health. Let’s give some of these foods a quick look.

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Cataract Symptoms and Causes

September 4, 2011 — by Dr. Zimmer
Tags: Cataracts Cataract Surgery

Cataracts are a common eye health issue, especially in older adults. Let’s take a moment right now to look at the basic concerns with cataracts, their symptoms, their causes, and what you can do for treatment and prevention.

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How to Prevent Cataracts

May 16, 2011 — by Dr. Zimmer
Tags: Cataracts Cataract Surgery Cataract Prevention

Cataracts can affect your vision in many different ways. While they may be somewhat unavoidable for some, there are things you can do to help prevent the formation of cataracts. Let’s take a look at these steps that you can take.

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