A Letter to those interested in refractive surgery

March 20, 2017 — by Dawn Savage
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As an optometrist, I'm passionate about and well-versed in the many methods of vision correction such as glasses, contacts, and surgical procedures. If you make the choice to have refractive surgery, the surgeon and facility you choose will make ALL the difference. From start to finish, a good doctor will always have your best interest and your needs at the forefront. Please make sure you are thinking of your lifelong eye health and vision when you trust a surgeon with your precious eyesight.

Dr. Zimmer is a top-notch corneal surgeon with a wealth of experience and perspective. He and the whole team at Insight are wonderful professionals. Knowing the quality of their work as colleagues, I felt completely comfortable becoming their patient and trusting them with my eyes and vision. Now I never have to worry about losing a contact or breaking my glasses... I can go about my day and just SEE!

I am so thankful to Dr. Zimmer, Dr. O'Donnell, Dawn, Jan and the whole team at the surgery center for everything they do. My post-LASIK vision has been a life-changing gift and I am grateful every day!


Jacqueline E. Pokusa, O.D.