What makes INSIGHT LASIK & Refractive Group different?

April 14, 2016 — by Dawn Savage


What makes the difference between one practice to another is definitely the expertise of the surgeon, the level of patient care, and the time spent with EACH individual patient. 

At InSight LASIK & Refractive Group we have heard quite a few times throughout the years how other LASIK practices do not take NEARLY as much time as we do to explain the refractive options available. We've also heard from multiple patients that they felt as if they were a number at other LASIK practices, just rolling in and out of the office very quickly.  I can assure you...that is one thing that certainly does not happen with us! 

At InSight LASIK & Refractive Group you are treated like family- our Refractive Family!  We see you for post operative appointments for ONE YEAR after your LASIK/PRK/ ICL procedures to ensure that your healing process is going great and to monitor your progress. 

 **  **Our refractive group does not believe in “good, better, best pricing”, which is commonly promoted by other LASIK centers.**

We look forward to meeting your refractive needs!  To schedule your FREE Refractive Screening please contact us at 724-772-9600!