LASIK Costs and Financing

March 10, 2012 — by Dr. Zimmer
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LASIK surgery has been growing in popularity over the years thanks to its many success stories and satisfied patients. It’s a surgery that eliminates your reliance on corrective lenses, whether they be glasses or contact lenses. Of course, many Pittsburgh LASIK patients wonder about the cost. It can place a financial burden on households, but that’s why we do our best to ensure that good vision is within your means. Let’s look at LASIK in terms of the financial considerations that many patients have, and then address the use of financing options to pay for surgery.

The Average Cost of LASIK Surgery

The average cost of LASIK will vary depending on your location, the circumstances of your case, and the LASIK professional that you visit. In general, the average cost of custom LASIK surgery will run about $2,000, give or take. A similar cost is associated with Pittsburgh PRK, a LASIK alternative that is performed in a similar manner.

Insurance Coverage and LASIK Surgery

Many patients ask us if their medical coverage will be able to handle part or all of their LASIK procedure. By and large, there are very few medical plans that will cover LASIK surgery. It’s best to consult with your insurance provider as each company’s policies will vary.

You can discuss this with our Cranberry Township ophthalmologists and LASIK surgeons as well. While we obviously won’t be able to tell you the exact stipulations of your coverage, we can at least provide you with some information based on these matters in the past. More often than not, we will recommend some financing options to you that can help pay for LASIK surgery.

How Financing Plans for LASIK Work

LASIK financing options and payment plans are designed to break up the total cost of LASIK surgery or PRK surgery into a series of monthly payments. These affordable monthly payments will help you create a budget and stick to it based on your needs. This is a great option for most households and individuals given that LASIK can be cost prohibitive for many people.

Make a Great Decision about LASIK and Financing

We understand that times are tough and you may be scrimping and saving just to take care of necessities. And yet, we also think that great vision and proper eye care should not be something that’s completely out of reach for all people.

When you come to our LASIK surgery center serving Pittsburgh, we’ll be more than happy to talk about the financial matters that may be on your mind and help you make the best decision based on your needs and your circumstances. You can count on us to help you.

Learn More About LASIK and Refractive Surgery

If you would like to learn more about LASIK surgery and how it can benefit you and your loved ones, be sure to contact our Cranberry Township laser vision correction center today. We look forward to your visit and hope to be of service.