The Importance of Pupil Measurement in LASIK

February 27, 2012 — by Dr. Zimmer
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One of the most popular and effective treatments for vision correction is LASIK surgery. LASIK is a great option if you want to improve your overall quality of vision. LASIK is good for dealing with refractive errors: myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism. Though corrective lenses are ideal for this, LASIK allows you to get great vision without the use of corrective lenses. There are a number of concerns to consider when it comes to Pittsburgh LASIK eye surgery, and one we'd like to focus on is pupil size and measurement.

What is LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK stands for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis. LASIK will involve the use of a safe surgical laser to reshape the cornea. Our ophthalmologists and LASIK surgeons serving Pittsburgh have performed many LASIK surgeries over the years.

How LASIK is Performed

During LASIK surgery, a flap is made on the topmost surface of the cornea. Through this flap, a laser is used to reshape the contours of the cornea. Doing so will be able to correct various vision errors. Custom LASIK surgery can also potentially correct higher order aberrations, including poor light sensitivity, halos, and glare. Yet even with custom LASIK, there are factors to keep in mind. (More on that in a bit.)

LASIK Alternatives

Not all people are good candidates for LASIK surgery, which is why there are a few alternatives to LASIK to consider. This includes Pittsburgh PRK, which is very similar to LASIK but involves the removal of the topmost layer of the cornea rather than the creation of a flap. This will heal just fine, and results are comparable to LASIK in the end.

Pupil Measurement and LASIK Surgery

In general, people who have large pupils will experience more side effects after LASIK, particularly during low-light situations. As the pupil size increases, it becomes more likely to see glare, halos, and starbursts after LASIK. Of course, the patient's prescription makes a different where this is concerned as well. Wavefront custom LASIK will help mitigate this to some degree, but the results will vary given prescription, pupil measurement, and other factors.

When you visit our Cranberry Township laser vision correction center, we will consider many different factors related to the health and condition of your eyes after surgery has been performed. This will help ensure optimal healing and as few side effects as possible after surgery.

Other Matters to Consider Related to LASIK

There are many other eye condition and health matters that come into play when it comes to LASIK surgery, including dry eye, corneal shape, corneal thinness, and so on. If you are considering LASIK eye surgery, we will be sure to account for a variety of factors related to your vision and overall medical history. We can discuss all factors affecting candidacy and effectiveness of your LASIK procedure during a consultation.

Learn More About LASIK Surgery and Vision Correction

Pupil measurement is just one of many concerns when it comes to performing LASIK surgery. If you would like more information about LASIK and the various factors that go into the procedure, we encourage you to contact our refractive surgery center near Pittsburgh today. The entire team here is eager to discuss these matters in more detail.