Age Requirements and LASIK

November 1, 2011 — by Dr. Zimmer
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Glasses and contacts are an old standby for dealing with vision problems, but there’s a lot more to great eyesight than that. At our Pittsburgh area LASIK eye surgery center, we’ve helped many patients achieve exceptional vision using LASIK surgery as well as other vision corrections procedures.


One of the most popular surgeries available today, LASIK allows people suffering from refractive errors to see much clearer than they did before without the need for corrective lenses such as eye glasses and contacts. During LASIK surgery, the cornea is reshaped using a safe laser. This reshaping helps better focus light as it passes through the eye to the retina. Many patients achieve great vision, and some even have vision that’s better than 20/20.

Candidacy for LASIK

Our LASIK surgeons and ophthalmologists serving Pittsburgh will assess your candidacy for LASIK in more detail during a consultation, but here are some basic requirements for LASIK surgery.

The best candidates for LASIK are people who suffer from myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), or astigmatism and have otherwise healthy eyes. These patients should be in good general health and not have any corneal disorders or suffer from dry eye syndrome.

Patients for LASIK surgery need to be at least 18 years of age, and must also have stable vision for approximately two years leading up to surgery.

Why Patients Must Be a Certain Age

Age is so important during custom LASIK surgery and traditional LASIK surgery because the eye needs to be fully matured first. Patients who are younger than 18 are still growing, and their eyes should not be treated with LASIK surgery until the eyes are fully matured. This is just a measure to ensure that the vision is improved as best as possible.

LASIK for Seniors

Many seniors are candidates for LASIK surgery, and in many cases the LASIK technology is used to help treat eyes for presbyopia. This essentially means adjusting the vision of one eye for distance vision or close-up vision if a person is experiencing presbyopia.

Alternatives to LASIK Surgery

For young patients who are looking to improve their vision, the best alternatives they have for LASIK are corrective lenses. Both glasses and contact lenses are completely safe and should be worn by young patients until they are eligible for LASIK.

Additional Alternatives to LASIK Surgery

If a patient is of age but not eligible for LASIK surgery, there are other alternatives to consider. Some of these are different refractive surgeries such as PRK or LASEK, which others involve the use of Pittsburgh ICLs. We’ll be able to discuss all of these matters in more detail during your consultation at our practice.

Contact Our Eye Care and Vision Correction Team

If you would like more information about LASIK surgery and how it can benefit you, be sure to contact our laser vision correction center serving Pittsburgh today. The entire team here looks forward to seeing you in person so we can discuss all of these issues in more detail.