Myopia Symptoms and Treatments

April 24, 2011 — by Dr. Zimmer
Tags: Myopia Nearsightedness Lasik Refractive Surgery

We here at InSightSM LASIK & Refractive Group, we have helped many patients dealing with vision problems. Some of the most common vision problems that we deal with are refractive errors, which include myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism. These vision problems concern the way that light passes through the eyes, and they can all be treated in different ways. Our Pittsburgh LASIK surgery experts would like to take this opportunity to take a look at myopia and what this vision problem means to patients.

Myopia basically means that it is easier to see objects that are nearby than objects that are far away. When a person has myopia, objects that are distant may appear blurry or indistinct. This is caused by light falling short of the retina at the back of the eye. In some cases, myopia is so minor that it does not need to be treated. In other cases, the myopia may be so severe that people aren’t even able to see objects that are at arm’s length.

There are plenty of treatment options to consider for myopia. One of the most common treatments for myopia for ages has been corrective lenses. Whether this involves the use of prescription eye glasses or contact lenses, corrective lenses will help properly focus light on the retinas to improve vision.

Another option to consider for treating myopia is refractive surgery. This means laser eye surgery options such as LASIK and Pittsburgh PRK. During refractive surgery, specially designed lasers are used to help reshape the cornea. By reshaping the cornea, light will be refocused when it passes through the eyes.

Choosing the best option for myopia treatment will depend on a number of factors. Some people like wearing eye glasses and contact lenses, and so that option will be fine for them. Others would prefer not to deal with corrective lenses and may seek out surgery instead. That said, some people may not be good candidates for refractive surgery for a number of reasons.

To find out what options for addressing myopia may be best for you and your situation, contact our laser vision correction office near Pittsburgh today. We’ll be able to perform a full examination and assess your needs.